Who We Are

The Five Points of Life Foundation is a support affiliate of LifeSouth Community Blood Centers, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The Five Points of Life Foundation educates and raises awareness of the five ways to share life with others through the donation of blood, apheresis, marrow, cord blood, organ and tissue. The Foundation works with blood centers, organ procurement organizations, marrow registries and community organizations to educate citizens about donation.

Mission Statement

To educate and raise awareness on the five ways to share life with others through lifesaving donations.

Vision Statement

Every eligible donor gives blood, joins the marrow registry, talks to their family about organ donation and learns more about cord blood donation. In addition, every school age child is educated on the importance of donation so when they are eligible to donate, they will donate and become the “Donation Generation.”

Creating the Donation Generation

In the classroom or on the track, imagine a generation so committed to donation that there is no waiting list for organs or marrow and no blood shortage. That’s our goal. Funded by a grant from America’s Blood Centers, the program plans to reach 25,000 children annually.

Programs of the Five Points of Life Foundation:

  • Five Points in the Classroom: Educational curriculum for elementary, middle and high school students teaches why donation is important, in the hope of creating a Donation Generation.
  • Five Points of Life Race Weekend: Founded in 2006, the race weekend takes place in Gainesville, Fla. It includes a Kids Marathon, 5 Points 5K, Marathon Relay, Half and Full Marathon.
  • Five Points of Life Kids Marathons: Kids run 25 miles in the school year, logging each mile incrementally and running the last 1.2 miles at a Kids Marathon. Kids Marathons currently take place in Florida (Gainesville, Ocala, Citrus County, and Hernando County), Alabama (Montgomery, Huntsville, Dothan and Mobile) and Georgia (Atlanta and Gainesville). The goal is to host Kids Marathons in all of LifeSouth’s districts.