How We Started

In 1996, Perry McGriff, a LifeSouth Community Blood Centers board member and long-time blood and apheresis donor, met Larry Frederick during an organized cross-country bicycle ride. Frederick, a policeman from California, had been seriously injured while on duty ten years before, and survived his injuries with the help of 100 pints of donated blood.

Frederick was on a personal mission to raise awareness of the need for blood donors. In each town, he went to the local newspaper and told his story; McGriff accompanied him and the Five Points of Life concept started to develop. McGriff returned to Gainesville, Florida, and met with LifeSouth staff to describe this experience and pitch his idea of a national blood donor awareness campaign built on the personal stories of donors and recipients crossing the country together by bicycle.

McGriff’s enthusiasm and vision found a receptive audience in the LifeSouth staff and the concept of promoting not only blood, but also a full spectrum of life-giving donations evolved.

Today we have a thriving program that educates and raises awareness on the five ways to share life with others through the donation of blood, apheresis, marrow, umbilical cord blood and organs and tissue. Current programs of the Five Points of Life include Five Points in the Classroom, Five Points of Life Race Weekend and the Five Points of Life Kids Marathons.

Bike Ride History