Weather Update


The Medical staff of the Five Points of Life Race Weekend will be using the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommendations to help keep all race participants informed and updated with helpful suggestions aimed to help you reduce your risk of heat illness or injury, based on the current and forecasted weather. We will be using a Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) to help determine heat illness risk stratification.  This will be communicated with a color and flag system, through notification emails and also via flying the appropriate colored flag at the starting line and halfway point of the marathon.


The WBGT is calculated by an equation that includes ambient temperature (10%), relative humidity (70%), and radiant heat (20%).  The relative humidity and radiant heat are measured with a special type of thermometer. Note that the largest part of the equation is the relative humidity which means it contributes the most to the risk of heat illness.   We will be using an official Wet Bulb Globe Temperature thermometer to perform our measurements.


Current WBGT = 40.80 on 1/29/14 at 8AM



If the race was today and based on today’s conditions the flag would be WHITE which means LOW RISK for heat related illnesses but variable risk for hypothermia.

TIPS: (Clothing, hydration, preparation, etc.)

Normal running attire (light colored, loose fitting, avoid cotton), dress in layers for easy removal as the day warms up from start time. Cover head and hands. Stay dry.



Averages for February 16: Hi 69F, Lo 45F

Records for February 16: Hi 83F, Lo 26F


40.2 Dry Bulb (Tdb)

40.6 Wet Bulb (Twb)

42.3 Black Globe (Tg)

65% Relative Humidity

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT)

WBGT = (0.7Twb) + (0.2Tg) + (0.1Tdb)