The Five Points in the Classroom program educates school aged children on the science behind donation through hands-on interactive elements as well as the social responsibility of donation. The curriculum is straightforward, easy to teach in one class period and works with your state standards.

The program is able to teach students about the function of blood in our bodies, how it is replenished, the function and tasks of organs and organ systems, what happens if these life sources are not able to do their normal operation and the resources available to help others in need. The benefits of this program in your classroom are the hands-on activities used to teach the kids about blood and the organs in the body. These activities supplement what is already being taught in the classroom and aid in the child’s knowledge and retention of this material.

The program offers structured educational materials and curricula for different grade levels:

For information on how to bring the Five Points in the Classroom program to a classroom near you, please contact Brite Whitaker at 352.224.1728 or Thank you!


Supplementary Materials


If you are a trained instructor with Five Points of Life, click here to access the curricula.